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Fashion, Style and Easy elegance. Discover the finest AWANA Alpaca clothing and the beautiful KOLKE silver jewellery. AWANA propose modern and classic pieces that will never go out of style.



Peru Market is a company that joins jewelry designers, artists, micro-entrepreneurs and producers of accessoires in alpaca fibers.

Our Goals

  • Create innovative business proposals with quality products that can draw on our cultural identity that is our biggest advantage to differentiate ourselves and to find a place on the global market.
  • Create high quality contemporary jewelery in silver with traditional techniques inspired by pre-hispanic cultures of Peru.

Fine Art


There is a renovation regarding designs and how to work metals and gemstones like spondylius, Andean opal, Peruvian turquoise stones and a variety of high recognition on the European market.


Brands we have

Awana www.mercedeslamborelle.ch JEWELS